Packaging and labeling

Clinical Packaging (Primary)

  • Flexible, global and automated clinical packaging solutions.
  • From small Phase I studies that require a very limited number of packs, through to mega Phase III trials requiring an almost commercial-scale approach to packaging – we can provide a range of options for your investigational product and resource planning.
  • Solid dose investigational products (such as tablets and capsules) require primary packaging across the different trial phases to be as efficient and compliant as possible. Supply chain planning facilitates primary packaging by helping to reduce overages, plan for variable recruitment scenarios and create forecasting strategies.
  • With over 40 years' of experience and the implementation of our own novel services, we are the most experienced provider in the industry. We offer extensive, global primary and secondary clinical supply packaging services and can deliver the most compliant and effective packaging design for your study.
  • Our fully automated (where possible), packaging technology enables us to have a huge global capacity across the US. Our goal is to provide an efficient and flexible packaging service for clinical supplies with the capacity to deal with the peak and trough supply volumes.
  • A range of options, when and where you need them:
  • Global resource to suit your clinical trial needs
  • Packaging design and guidance – minimizing waste, impact on secondary packaging & distribution strategies
  • Use of automation to produce packs efficiently, while reducing  both lead times and waste
  • When integrated with our supply chain management, we have a holistic view of the full supply chain - this allows you to plan production campaigns in advance
  • Complementary in-house engineering team that provide tooling and packaging design capabilities
  • Analytical servicesfor stability testing, method development and validation

Type of Clinical Packaging We Offer:

  • Blistering
  • Bottling
  • Wallet cards
  • Containment and Potent drug Products